Launching the Ring of Fire

12 02 2010

So why the Ring of Fire?  Let me address the name first, then set objectives.  No, we don’t have a Johnny Cash fetish–although the man in black is worthy.   It’s more about imagery (the rings on our Kaptivate brand) and an expression of the passion we have for the work we do.

We’re committed to improving how non-profit organizations address constituent engagement because we’ve seen so much opportunity lost to assumption, opinion, and unchecked “navel-gazing”.   We’re on a mission to get great organizations to foster dialogue with their constituents–whether they’re citizens, donors, supporters, or stakeholders.  It’s our conviction that these conversations are essential to  innovation,  sustainable funding, and the collaboration necessary to truly gauge progress against mission objectives.

So now that we’ve set the stage, we hope you’ll join this conversation and help make the Ring of Fire a forum for discussion, debate, and discovery.